The quiet Christian life

I expected life to always be exciting. When I graduated college in May 2012, I thought my life would start looking like those crazy missionaries who see miracles or Joseph saving Egypt from… Continue reading

Three summer movie reviews: Ironman 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, & The Great Gatsby

It’s the beginning of summer, which means all the good, heavily advertised movies are coming out. I present to you three reviews of three blockbusters I’ve seen in the past month. All of… Continue reading

The love of Severus Snape

I  didn’t read the Harry Potter series until I was 17, and I was surprised at how deep the story is, especially in the later books. I’ve read a lot of literature and… Continue reading

The NBA, ESPN and freedom of speech

Monday, an NBA player came out and said he was gay. Everybody supported him. Then an ESPN commentator said – respectfully and reasonably – that he thought it was a sin to be… Continue reading

Music review: “To Be Loved” by Michael Bublé

Good ole Michael has a new album. I’m a longtime fan, so I was excited to listen to the new one. Overall, I wasn’t disappointed, although I am sad that he seems to… Continue reading

Make yourself a dang peach, chicken and Brie quesadilla!

I found this recipe originally on Pinterest, but it was pretty bland. So I decided to put my own spin on it.

Here are my humble servants for the evening. They gave their lives that I might have dinner. (I’M HUNGRY OK. MY BRAIN CAN’T FUNCTION PROPERLY RIGHT NOW.)

All measurements are kind of according to whatever you feel like. Because that’s how I roll.

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