Taylor Swift’s Red: Review

T Swift has a new album. You bet I bought it. No, I didn’t stay up til midnight to buy it – and I actually didn’t know it was out Monday until I got on Twitter and saw what my friends were saying. But I downloaded it shortly thereafter.

I like T Swift. AND I HAVE NO SHAME.

Anyway, I figured I’d review it, since it’s a brand new album and I’ve actually listened to the whole thing. It’s, like, timely and relevant and stuff.

One of the reasons I like T Swift is because she’s a great writer. Her writing is best when she’s singing ballads about how much she hates her exes/men/all of the above.

Her lyrics are eerily relatable. Either she creeped on my life, or my life is depressingly similar to the stereotypical teenage girl she’s marketing to.

“All Too Well” is my favorite song on the entire album:

It’s sad, it’s pretty, and it tells a great story.

It’s true, she has taken a turn to pop music. Contrast this country song off her first album in 2006…

…with the dubstep chorus off her most recent album.

But let’s be honest, her country songs were all turned into pop for the mainstream radio anyway. She’s not here to make art, she’s here to make money. And if we can all accept that, we’ll be happy and we can appreciate these songs, because they really are great.

However, I noticed she’s not an innocent little girl anymore. The lyrics on the song “Treacherous” are a bit…ahem…treacherous. And slightly inappropriate in one part.

She seems to have a penchant for bad boys, too. If her audience is primarily teenage girls, I’m not sure this is the best influence. I can relate to what she’s singing about, but unlike a lot of her audience, I know bad boys aren’t glamorous.

“The Last Time” is another one of my favorites. It’s sung with the guy from Snow Patrol, and it’s slightly hipster in nature. It’s different than the crazy pop of “We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together,” and it’s gorgeous.

So anyway, I think most of the songs on this album are great, and it’s worth buying the whole thing. It goes from pop to acoustic and skips the whole “country” thing. This is a great change for T Swift, though. She doesn’t disappoint.