Holiday tree

I get a lot of random press releases where I work, and a lot of them are related to Christianity. Most of them are filtered to automatically delete, but one sneaked through today that annoyed me.

It was from some family council or something and it said the governor of Rhode Island is calling his Christmas tree a “holiday tree.” The press release urged everyone to contact him and express their outrage.


Usually I’ll just think, “Hmm ok” and ignore that stuff. But today I thought about if for a second and was like, “Who the heck cares?”

Who the heck cares what the governor of Rhode Island calls his tree? Yes, this is CHRISTmas season, but is it really worth your time and effort to change what someone calls their tree? Christmas trees aren’t biblical, and it’s possible that they came around because of pagan tradition.

So it’s not like calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree is blasphemy. In fact, if you’re really fundamental, you could argue that a Christmas tree itself is blasphemous because of its origins, regardless of what it’s called.

I’m not for pluralism, and while I think we should love and be nice to people of other religions, I don’t think we should be okay with letting them do their own thing. Jesus is the only way to heaven, and I’m not saying Christians shouldn’t stand up for that.

But as Christians, I’m wondering if our time and effort should be spent fighting real evil, like abortion or human trafficking or abuse, or telling someone the real reason for Christmas, instead of spending time trying to convince someone to call a man-made thing like a tree by the “right” name.