Homemade Coasters

We’ve needed coasters at our house since I moved in three or four months ago, and I looked at Wal-Mart, but they were $8 for hideous coasters. So I decided to make my own.

I saw this on Pinterest a while back and decided to make it! It turned out better than a lot of my past Pinterest projects. For all the supplies, these were around $6, and they were a lot cuter than the ones at Wal Mart.

You need:
Porcelain tiles
Mod Podge
Paint (if the edges of your tiles are unfinished)


I didn’t really think about this when I bought the tiles, but the edges were yucky and unfinished.


So I had to paint them to match the paper.


Then I cut the paper to fit over the top of the tile.


I wanted to glue it on the rough side so the smooth side would touching on the table and it wouldn’t scratch, but you could also glue it to the smooth side and put felt or something on the rough side.

Anyway…then I glued the paper to the tile using Mod Podge.


I brushed it all over the top of the paper so it would have a nice coating and condensation from cups that sit on the coasters wouldn’t ruin the paper.

Then I let it dry, and voila!


Easy, cute coasters that match the house!