Easter Wreath DIY

Have you ever looked at how much wreaths are at the store? A cute one can be anywhere from $50-$100, on average. That’s ridiculous.

The solution: make your own!


I had a few of these supplies on hand already, and I had to buy some of them, but I spent around $9 on the whole thing, and I was able to customize it. Here’s a little how-to so you can make your own.

You need:
Plain stick wreath in the size you want (mine was $3.99 at Hobby Lobby)
Flowers, in colors, number and style of your choice (I got them half off, so mine were around $3 altogether at Hobby Lobby)
Paper and/or fabric (I already had both of these things)
Markers (already had them)
Hot glue ($4 at Hobby Lobby)
Scissors (already had them)
String ($2 at Hobby Lobby)

1. Cut the flowers off the stems.


2. Stick the flowers into the wreath. If they don’t stay by themselves, you can hot glue them, but keep in mind you may have to move them when it’s time to put the banner on.


3. Write the letters of what you want the banner to say on paper and cut triangles around them. (You could also print these off the computer for a more professional look)




4. Here, you have some options. You can leave the letters the way they are, or you can glue them to cute paper or fabric. I chose to glue them to burlap so they would have a border.




5. Glue the paper to the string.




6. Glue the string to the wreath so it hangs nicely. You might have to move the flowers, like I did.

7. Tie some string on the back of the wreath to hang.


Now you have a cute wreath for less than $10!