Music review: “To Be Loved” by Michael Bublé

Good ole Michael has a new album. I’m a longtime fan, so I was excited to listen to the new one. Overall, I wasn’t disappointed, although I am sad that he seems to lack originality in this album. Of course, Michael Bublé is first and foremost a cover artists, so I don’t expect any fantastic musical innovations. However, this sounded a lot like everything he’s done before. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since I like what he’s done before, but this album seemed exceptionally unoriginal to me.

My favorite track is probably “It’s A Beautiful Day.”

I’ve never heard such a happy break-up song! It makes me smile. However, the piano in the verses and the overall sound are a little bit too similar to his previous hit, “Haven’t Met You Yet.”

Maybe he’s trying not to mess up a good thing. I’d like to hear something a little fresher, though.

That being said, it really is a good song. I also liked his cover of “You Make Me Feel So Young”…

…and “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” was cute.

The only song I really didn’t like was “Something Stupid,” which features Reese Witherspoon. I’m not a big fan of the original, but the sound of this song just grates on my nerves for some reason.

If you like Michael Bublé, you’ll like this album. I worry that his lack of originality will keep this one from producing any mega-hits, like “Haven’t Met You Yet” or “Home,” but I guess he’s big enough that it might not matter at this point. Smooth vocals and a big band sound make “To Be Loved” a happy album to listen to just in time for spring!